Complete Guide To Dealing WIth Difficult, Angry, Aggressive And  Abusive Customers

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  • Psychology of The Angry Customer: What Is Hostile and Abusive Customer Behavior?
    Answer: Hostile and Abusive Customer Behavior There is a difference between ...
  • Verbal Judo: What is Verbal Judo?
    Answer: When George Thompson was a law enforcement officer, he realized that the standard ways of dealing with "the public" were sufficiently confrontational that they were ...
  • Psychology of The Angry Customer: Is There A Difference Between An Angry Customer and A Hostile One?
    Answer: Yes, there is. And, it's an important difference since you will choose to manage an angry customer in a different way than a hostile one. Anger ...
  • Communicating With Customers: What's a Verbal Softener?
    Answer: Verbal softeners are phrases and words like "sometimes", "it could be", "perhaps" and so on that state things in a more ambiguous and less harsh ...
  • Communicating With Customers: What is fogging?
    Answer: I've come across two very different explanations of fogging. The first describes it as an assertive communication technique with the following definition: Fogging consists of finding some ...
  • Psychology of The Angry Customer: Why do angry customers often "act like children"
    Answer: The fact that children learn angry and manipulative behaviors doesn’t mean they spend all their waking hours being abusive or manipulating others. As a counter-balance ...
  • Techniques For Defusing and Calming Down Angry Customers: What's A Customer Takeaway, and How Does It Help? (#custserv)
    Answer: A customer takeaway is exactly what it sounds like -- something physical (paper, business card, written down phone number, instructions) that can be given to ...
  • Psychology of The Angry Customer: Does Wow'ing The Customer Have Negative Side Effects?
    Answer: On the surface of it, "Wow'ing the customer" seems to have no downside, except for any costs incurred. That's actually not so.  The Problem of Habituation ...
  • Managing Your Own Emotions: To Vent Or Not To Vent About Angry Customers
    Answer: Venting / Not Venting — That Is The Question Dealing with hostile customers is frustrating. For many people, this frustration builds and builds,like a pressure cooker, ...
  • Psychology of The Angry Customer: How To Build Rapport During The Customer Greeting?
    Answer: Tactic 15: Generating Rapport During Customer Greetings When a client approaches you, your greeting should be short and to the point. Sometimes, it is more appropriate to ...
  • CARP System Principles For Defusing Angry Customers: Can you explain how Control works with an example with an angry customer?
    Answer: Control When you communicate with an irate customer, he will often “take the floor”, refusing to stop talking long enough to listen to you. Often, this ...
  • Communicating With Customers: When NOBODY Can Answer A Customer's Question: What To Do?
    Answer: THE SITUATION - Nobody Seems To Have An Answer To A Customer's Question Customers sometimes ask questions that nobody available can answer with confidence and authority. ...

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