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Video Tutorial: Understanding Customer Anger

In this video, posted more for amusement, you'll see a young woman angry because she's purchased a coffee, and the Starbucks has refused to accept her $100 bill as payment.

After you get over the "well, she deserved to fall, because she was nasty", consider this from the perspective of the customer, since that helps to understand some of the dynamics of angry customers. Also, forget about who is right or wrong, since blame doesn't help to resolve difficult situations.

Once you've watched the video, there are some questions for you to think through.

Question #1: If you were the Starbucks employee, is there anything you could have done to prevent, in whole or in part, this display of anger?

Question #2: When the employee refused to accept the $100 bill we don't get to see how the employee communicated with the customer. So how should have the employee "refused"?

Question #3: List three ways the employee could have used to communicate the refusal that would have "set off" the customer.

Question #4: Why do you think the customer became so angry?

If you post your answers here, in the comments section, perhaps we can discuss them to learn.

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