Complete Guide To Dealing WIth Difficult, Angry, Aggressive And  Abusive Customers

Learn what to say, when to say it and stay stress free, safe, and professional under pressure

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Welcome To The Guide To Dealing With Difficult, Hostile And Abusive Customers

If this is your first visit, you'll probably be amazed at the number of tips and techniques we've shared with you to help you deal with those difficult customers, from the mildly annoyed and annoying, to the customers who seem on the edge of violence.

We've drawn upon the content of our books and extracted many of the principles and behaviors that have been proven effective in these kinds of situations.

We recommend that you take your time, and hunt around a bit, explore the different categories, and perhaps bookmark, or better yet, share the tips we provide with your colleagues and friends.

We update this site regularly, so make sure you return often.

One more thing: This IS an interactive site, so if you have questions or comments, you can do that.


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