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What Is High Risk, High Gain Behavior In Terms Of Angry Customers

CARP Principle: Avoid High Risk, High Gain Behavior WIth Angry Customers

High risk, high gain behavior is behavior that, when it works, is very effective in defusing. When it doesn’t work it escalates the conflict to an extreme degree. For example, telling someone to be quiet may be effective in some situations, and the customer may realize that he is acting inappropriately.

But for many people, being told to be quiet is like being told to shut up, and is bound to escalate the situation.

Another example is humor. Humor can be a great technique to defuse a situation, when it works. If you can say something that gets the customer to smile or laugh, you will probably defuse the situation.

However if you try humor and the customer doesn’t think it’s funny, they will be really mad.

In the video below, Robert explains the risks of high risk, high gain interventions with difficult, upset and angry customers.

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