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04 - The Fantasy of Getting Even With Angry Customers?

Common Customer Service Fantasy: Getting Even With Angry Customers


When we're insulted or suffer verbal abuse at the hands of a customer, we tend to want to get even. Almost immediately, we try to think of the ultimate put-down to put the customer in his or her place. And after, we often think, long after the customer has gone, that "we should have said...", when things we could have said to get even pop into our heads.


The problem is that this thought process causes huge stress, as we live the trauma of being insulted by a customer, and it interferes with hearing the customer in the first place. 


In This Video On Getting Even With Nasty Customers...


In this video, the fourth episode in our free series on dealing with difficult customers, we address the issue of "getting even", by looking at some video clips of Chef Gordon Ramsay "getting even" with a variety of customers. Unfortunately, while HE can get away with it, since he owns the restaurant, you can't. Still it's funny to engage in the fantasy with the Chef.



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