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How Should I Address Customers - Mr. Mrs. Ms. First Name?

People like to hear their own names. Likewise, they like to know your name. The use of names helps both parties see each other as real people, and as unique individuals. When possible you want to use the person’s name as early as you can. You probably want to give your name, if that is appropriate.

Just a few notes on using names. Things aren’t always simple, even with names.
With people you haven’t met before use the more formal Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms. form. This is more respectful. If you don’t
know which one to use ask. For example, “Do you prefer Mrs. or Ms.?

If you have worked with a person previously, and want to seta less formal tone to the conversation, first names can be useful.However, some people won’t like this.

If you don’t know if it’s OK to use first names, ask. Try: “Doyou prefer I call you Mr. Smith, or is John OK? “ or “If you like you can call me Bob, how would you like to be addressed?

When giving your name out, consider security issues. Some organizations don’t like staff to give out their last names. If you work with potentially unbalanced or very hostile, violent clientele, first names may be best.

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