Complete Guide To Dealing WIth Difficult, Angry, Aggressive And  Abusive Customers

Learn what to say, when to say it and stay stress free, safe, and professional under pressure

Video 9: What Is Bait In The Context of Angry Customers?

In this video we share with you several very important principles when it comes to dealing with angry customers, whether on the phone or in person.


The concepts are simple but powerful:

  • Don't take the bait (respond directly to insults, verbal attacks, etc) because to do so means you are hooked like a fish, and end up giving away control of the conversation to the angry person, and that means wasted time, and stress.
  • Don't defend yourself against insults and verbal attacks
  • Don't counter-attack either.

Doing any of these plays into the control game that the customer is using, and it will COST you.

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