Complete Guide To Dealing WIth Difficult, Angry, Aggressive And  Abusive Customers

Learn what to say, when to say it and stay stress free, safe, and professional under pressure

Video 07 What Do Angry Customers Need From You So They Can Calm Down?

In this seventh episode of the free dealing with angry customers seminar, we look at what angry customers need to calm down, with special attention paid to the Psychology of difficult customers.
Our goal here is to start talking about how you can get angry customers to slow down, start listening, and stop ranting, and to do that, you have to understand what drives the angry behavior, and more importantly, what you can do to stop the behaviors directed at you.
We'll consider the reality that anger is often an expression of other feelings and perceptions, like frustration, feeling trapped, helpless, or having one's back against the wall. We'll look at a few general approaches to help you counter that.


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