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What is the "Five Step Tactical Process"?

The Five Step Tactical Communication proces is used when the Eight Step process fails ( What is the "tactical 8 step process" for defusing?). It was developed by George Thompson (Verbal Judo). Here are the steps:

The Five Step Tactical Defusing Model

Every encounter begins with the Tactical 8 Step approach, however some subjects may require additional verbal persuasion. When the citizen fails to comply with what is a lawful request of the officer then he/she proceeds directly to the Tactical 5 Step.

  1. Ask again: Do not make assumptions. Repeating questions may be necessary to avoid confusion.
  2. Set the context: Deflect negative statements while staying calm. “Yes, I understand,” “I hear that,” or “I can appreciate that.” This is a good time to deflect to a higher authority as in…The State requires that an individual produce their driver’s license at the request of an officer if you are driving a vehicle.
  3. Present Options: (“You have a couple of options here”) This may make them feel as if they are in control, but they must be willing to accept what they choose.
  4. Confirm Non-Compliance: “(Sir / Ma’am), is there anything that I can say to make you comply with my lawful orders?”
  5. Act!: After confirming non-compliance, make sure that you have proper back-up to make an arrest. The subject has been given numerous chances.
(From a presentation by Lt. Martin Brock, North Carolina Police)

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