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What To Do If Customer Praises Competitor On YOUR Social Media Site?

While it can be galling to have someone, a competitor or a competitor's customer praise someone else's product or service, don't let it get to you to the extent that you over react. Also, it's probably best if you do NOT delete the posts unless it's a case where a competitor is doing this a lot, and you have warned them before.

If It's A Customer Praising A Competitor

  1. Use the opportunity to publicly offer a chance to find out how you might improve your own offering. Don't ask what's better about the competitor, but try this:
  2. "I'd love to hear how we might improve our own version of the product." Could you make some suggestions here, or contact me in private?'
  3. Don't argue or try to contradict. In fact, don't try to convince the poster to change his or her mind. It's probably not going to work anyway.
  4. Keep in mind that some of these posts are "trolls", just trying to get a reaction, and make you look stupid, so don't fall for it. At all times respond with dignity and politeness. Again, don't oversell your own products because it makes you sound defensive.
  5. If you can't think of anything else, thank them for their contributions.
  6. If they post a competitor link, it's OK to delete it, though I'd probably keep the post body. Explain that your social media platform isn't for promotion, and that you value the opinion, but not the link.

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