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What's A Customer Takeaway, and How Does It Help? (#custserv)

A customer takeaway is exactly what it sounds like -- something physical (paper, business card, written down phone number, instructions) that can be given to the customer during and/or at the end of the interaction.

Remarkably Simple, But Often Ignored Technique

It might seem kind of obvious to have material on hand to give to a customer, but more often than not, customer service representatives don't think to actually provide something to the customer. It's a shame, because creating/giving a takeaway to a customer shows extra effort and concern on the employee's part. That's a means of preventing escalation in a conversation, or addressing it when it already exists. 

Examples of Customer Takeaways

Of course, one can provide customers with pre-made material made available by the company or employer, but there's no need to limit yourself. Here are some things you can write down, on the fly:

  • important phone number to contact you
  • summary of steps customer should follow to address a problem
  • a little diagram/hand drawn map
  • a quote on a price, along with your name and phone number
  • a recipe if in a food based establishment (might premake these on your own)

Remember, it's about being helpful, and going the extra mile, and it's not just about being nice. It works -- all the little things combined work well.


Got an idea on a good takeaway for customers you want to share with others? Leave a comment.

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