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What Do Customers REALLY Want?

Sometimes it seems like customers want EVERYTHING imaginable, or at least it seems so if you listen to the experts on WOWING the customer, surprising the customer, etc. The expert pundits on customer service have set a standard -- the bar if you prefer that term, very high. In fact the bar is so high, again from the pundits, that often it's absolutely impossible to actually meet these supposed wants, AND stay in business. So, the issue becomes what is absolutely essential to provide to the customer in terms of the core wants they have, rather than the "nice to have".

Customer "Wants" In A Nutshell

To be able to choose the right techniques and to use them effectively, you have to understand what customers want. Knowing this will help you make sense of the techniques you’ll be looking at. Below is a list of the most important customer wants and needs.When you address these, you create positive customer perceptions about you and your company.That means fewer arguments,
fewer hassles, and better customer relationships.
Customers want:

  • convenience/no hassles
  • problem solved
  • effort
  • acknowledgment and understanding
  • choices and options
  • positive surprises
  • consistency, reliability, and predictability
  • value (not necessarily best price)
  • reasonable simplicity
  • speed
  • confidentiality
  • sense of importance
In my view the most important from the list are:
  • convenience/no hassles
  • consistency and reliability of service
  • effort made
  • sense of importance (employees project sense that customer is important)
The others on the list become less and more important depending on the sector. For example, high end dining and hotels/resorts have customers that want a lot more than basic service, and pay for the luxury and positive surprises, where a convenience store should be FAST but could be no frills.

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