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What Is "Just Good Enough Customer Service"?

Just Good Enough Customer Service (JGECS) is based on the idea that the function of customer service and customer experience in an organization is solely to further the goals of that organization (often profit, but not always for different kinds of organizations).

Stated simply:

Companies that can hit the "sweetspot" in customer service such that they offer service "just good enough" to retain, and recruit customers will succeed. In other words, if you look at a large cross section of companies, not just the few stellar examples that are the stuff of customer service legend, you'll find that success (businesswise) comes from investing "just enough" into service. This is contrary to the general business belief that the better your service the more you will succeed.

Just Good Enough Is The Current Way It's Done

While I felt that we should have some term or concept so we could talk about the meaning of strategic customer service, there's nothing new here. In fact, while most companies don't think in terms of "Just Good Enough Customer Service", the function fairly closely to its tenets. That is, invest the least possible, to maximize profit. Companies that successfully pull of "Just Good Enough Customer Service" can be found on both the profitable companies lists, year after year, AND in the worst customer service companies list year after year. Oddly enough, poor service doesn't always mean significant business damage, provided you are "just good enough" to retain customers, and provide other benefits such as convenience, price advantages, or are a monopoly.

Just Good Enough Customer Service A Rich Concept

As you'll read this, you may have a rather visceral reaction, probably negative. That's OK, but consider that customer service occurs in a business reality that must be recognized if quality customer service is to be self-sustaining. So, go past, the gut reaction, and play with the concept a bit, as I am doing. Here's a few things to think about:

  • Is JGECS any different than "Prices Just Low Enough To Sell"?
  • Is JGECS applicable to the broader area of customer experience?
  • What situations will we find that JGECS will simply not work?
  • Can we figure out where the "sweetspot is" either measuring or through some sort of qualitative data collecting?



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