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In Greeting The Customer WHAT Content Should I Include?

Content As Part Of The Customer Greeting

An effective greeting makes clear that you are there to help,and may also contain something like “Good morning“ or “Hello “. Except for acknowledgments that may be required, it is wise to keep your greeting short, and to the point IF THE CLIENT IS APPROACHING YOU. In other words, don’t begin a conversation by talking about all kinds of extraneous topics. After all, when a customer comes to you, they are usually coming because they need more than social chit-chat.

Here’s an interesting thing, though. The amount of chit-chat and social interaction that is appropriate between you and a customer is going to be partly determined by the geographic area in which you live, and the size of the city in which you live. For example, if you are in New York, a less chatty (but very fast) interaction is more likely to be successful compared to a small town in North Dakota. There are regional differences in most large countries, between rural and urban, and between small and large places. Stay alert to these differences, and also to differences in preferences that have to do with industries. Should a plumber be as sociable as a restaurant employee? Things to think about.

In the situation where you approach the customer on his or her own turf — let’s say if you do home repairs, or service office equipment, you may want to spend a little more time creating a sense oftrust and rapport with the customer. That doesn’t mean you will yap about irrelevant things all day, but you might spend a bit more time building rapport

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